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Product Center


About us


Yangwang Centrifuge Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of centrifuges in the domestic separation machinery industry. The company is committed to the research, design and manufacture of centrifuges, and develops products that meet the needs of the market, for the pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and other industries. The separation process provides advanced separation equipment. The company has strong technical force, complete processing equipment and advanced testing methods. It is an ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification enterprise. The clean series centrifuges meet the requirements of GMP standards and have won many national and local honorary titles. The products are produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the national standard "JB/T10769.1-2007 Type and Basic Parameters", "JB/T 10769.2-2007 Technical Conditions" and "GB19815-2005 Centrifuge Safety Requirements", and strictly control the flaw detection and dynamic balance. , vibration, noise, temperature rise and other indicators, for customers with special requirements, our factory can design a practical separation technology program according to customer requirements.

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